Start the conversation about race. Play 'The Race Card' game.

A card game to play with your team, colleagues, and friends to start the conversation about race.


The Race Card is a game for colleagues and friends to start a conversation about race and then do something about it.

When to use the game:

  • Pull a card or do a round during weekly team meetings
  • Host a game during a company retreat
  • Play as it as a built-in inclusion workshop

We know how to help you talk about solutions and act on them.

Check out the cards: Racial equity meets neuroscience


By beginning the conversation with open conversations about racial issues that are more 'objective', we warm your team up for a vulnerable dialogue that can lead to solutions for your business.


We get your team into a flow state through physically putting their ideas to paper. Writing emotional experiences down activates internal processing. This sets the stage for collaboration, safety, trust...and optimal productivity.


Leverage the power of Non-Violent Communication by allowing time for everyone share their thoughts and perspectives around solutions.

Have a card suggestion?

Let us know! We'd love to add your ideas to our deck for teams everywhere.


Where can I buy The Race Card game?

Online on our site is currently the only place you can buy them. We are working on more spaces soon. :)

How do I play?

Check out our instructions and code of conduct here!

Ready to get started?

It's time we unmuted each other and made real progress.

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